◦ Web hosting.

The most recent technologies, the power of a modern, stable operative system to achieve the best performances, completely customizable and expandible to comply with different requests and needs.

Some main features of our hosting services:

  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server™;
  • Microsoft Framework .NET™ 4.0;
  • Media content and media streaming solutions;
  • Customizable e-mail hosting service;
  • National and international domain registration.


◦ Web design & developing.

Create and structure web sites: from simple, effective HTML/DHTML pages to flash™-rich web pages, from small and easy low-cost sites to the development of complex and advanced solution as back-office, internet/intranet portals and integration with pre-existant systems.

Recent and common programming languages are used to achive best results and performance:

  • ASP, ASP.net (VB, C#, WF4 workflow solutions, etc);
  • Microsoft Framework .NET™ 4.0, silverlight, LightSwitch;
  • PHP, Perl, etc;
  • Databases: MS Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc;